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Bringing The Best Together To Make Everything Better

Legacy Ministry Associates, LLP Official Logo

Bringing The Best Together To Make Everything Better

Welcome to Legacy Ministry Associates

We are an association of legal and financial professionals who work with funeral directors, churches, and their congregations to solve challenges they face every day.

Our services include faith-based legacy planning, funeral cost funding programs, church outreach and congregation building, and other critical programs intended to ultimately help families plan and thrive as a legacy.

Our Motto:

Leveraging Technology & Biblical Principles to Support Clergy, Strengthen Congregations, and Help Families.

We BringPastorsFamiliesProvidersTogether

Helping Families...

  • Reduce Financial Hardship
  • Eliminate Unpaid Funerals
  • Reduce Family Turmoil
  • Reduce Attorney Fees and Legal Hassles
  • Avoid Probate Completely with a Family Trust
  • Do Their Christian Duty to Family and Church
  • Contribute to Church Legacy Fund
  • Store Their Legacy and Documents in a Secure Online Vault
  • Get Free Legal, Financial, and Retirement Advice from Professionals

Helping Clergy...

  • Create a Bible-Backed Family Legacy Programs
  • Provide Solutions to Cover Funeral Costs
  • Help Heal Families Devastated by Loss 
  • Build Congregation by Bringing Families Together in Their Common Need
  • Eliminate Emergency Funeral Fundraising Efforts
  • Promote Development of Tithing and Congregational Micro-Economies
  • Create Deeper and Longer Lasting Loyalty to the Church as an Organization

Helping Funeral Providers...

  • Create New Paying Business
  • Build Brand Working with Chuch & Community Leaders
  • Help the Community in a Direct and Meaningful Way
  • Eliminate Unpaid Funeral Losses
  • Lock in Guaranteed Funding for Providing Final Rest Service to Families of All Income Levels

Join LMA Today!

Visit our About Page to learn about us and contact LMA to get free access to our programs, private member area. We'll help you start and maintain an active Legacy Ministry in your church. A thriving Legacy Ministry builds your church equity, creates fundraising opportunities, and helps your congregation build their family legacy; thus strengthing loyalty and involvement. 

For the children ought not to lay up for the parents, but the parents for the children.

2 Cor 12:14

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LEGACY MINISTRY ASSOCIATES, LLP: A Faith-Based Legacy Management Agency

Bringing The Best Together, To Make Everything Better!

Our Mission: Leveraging Biblical Principles, Technology, and Real World Expertise to Grow Churches, Support Clergy, Strengthen Congregations, and Help Families.

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